Makeup Tips for Women In Their 30s

Makeup Tips for Women in Their 30s A woman’s third decade on this earth shouldn’t be wrought with thoughts of “This is the end, now what?” Your 30s mean coming into your own and becoming more comfortable in your own skin – a feeling that should be the norm and becomes more pronounced as time marches on.

With 2014 being the year of Radiant Orchid, according to the color authority – Pantone, don’t hide from it, embrace it or at the very least the spirit of it. Spring has also sprung a new makeup favorite – orange lipstick.

Vibrant Lips Are A Do
The simplest way to add color to an otherwise boring palette of neutrals is to incorporate a bold color on the lip, be it a gorgeous shade of lavender, your perfect shade of citrus or any other color that doesn’t ring safe.

Introduce Concealers Into Your Makeup Bag
A major makeup concern for the woman in her 30s is, “Am I making enough of a statement while still looking classy?“ Stay current, yet ladylike by simply updating your eye makeup. With many a night still being spent out with the girls or all that working overtime to get that next promotion, it’s inevitable that hard-partying, hard-working dark undereye circles will appear. Look unscathed by daily life, by making a concealer a best friend, which hides a multitude of sins. Use beneath your eyes and on blemishes to perfect your complexion.

Give Yourself An Eye Makeover
Consider a mini makeover not to change your look completely, but to take stock of what is working for you and highlight those attributes.

For day and night, enhance beautiful doe-shaped eyes with natural to intense matte and pearls shade from It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette ($42). With 14 shades to choose from, this palette is ideal for every skin tone.

Make Your Skin The Star
But, when all is said and done, the absolute number one thing a 30-something should be concerned about is making sure that her skin reads luminous and healthy-looking beneath all that makeup. Leave the cakey stage makeup alone and start using Beauty Balms (BB) and Complexion Corrector (CC) creams, which deliver multi-skin care benefits as they leave a haze of color on the skin to perfect while your skin’s  glowing complexion shows through.


  1. Louise Clark says

    Great tips! I have VERY sparse and light eyebrows. I have to draw them on every day. I, too, use a little brush and brown eyeshadow. Works great.

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