How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions can completely change anyone’s look, they can either give the ‘something’s different but I can’t put my finger on it’ look, or the ‘wow, your hair’ look. If you want to create a beautiful, natural look though you’ll have to be willing to part with some cash as the best hair extensions don’t come cheap and depending on how well you look after them, will only last between four and six months.

After spending so much money on them you will obviously want to look after them to make them last as long as possible. This isn’t difficult, as if you by high quality extensions then you can treat them as if they’re your own hair. Be careful not to let the extensions dry out though; as they’re not attached at the root they don’t produce as much natural oil – keeps your hair looking clean, shiny and fresh – so the best thing to do is use moisturising shampoos and lots of conditioner. Try out a leave in conditioner on the ends of your hair to keep them really soft. Don’t overdo it with the hair products though as they can make hair become tangled.

Your hair extensions shouldn’t look dry, tangled or messy as long as you purchase high quality, real hair. Hair that is left for a while to get dirty will tangle easily and you risk ruining your hair extensions if you are continually trying to yank out the knots. Instead, you should wash the hair regularly and be sure to brush through it to remove the tangles before washing. When brushing your hair you should also take care. Start with a soft bristle brush at the ends first to remove any knots or tangles without pulling at the root of the extension. If you follow these steps it will keep your extensions in great condition and they will last a lot longer.

If you have permanent extensions then sleeping should not be any more uncomfortable than usual. However, you should not sleep with wet hair as this will lead to serious discomfort in a morning when your try to remove all of the knots. Before sleeping you should put your hair into a bobble, this also prevents any mid-night tangling.

Brazilian hair extensions are the most sought after in the world. They are carefully chosen from Brazilian donors that have to meet certain criteria in terms of lifestyle choices. This is because the hair is naturally extremely strong, it can be coloured and is available as straight, wavy or curly.

This article was written by Jenny Wallis on behalf of, specialists in Brazilian hair extensions.

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