Get Your Skin in Shape! Natural Remedies for All Skin Types and Conditions

skin care beauty masksWhen we think of getting in shape, frequently we exclude the health of our skin. Our skin is actually our largest organ, and makes up around 20% of our body mass! You can see managing the health and appearance of our skin generally keeps us pretty preoccupied for good reason!

For the first part of this blog entry we will talk about how to get your skin in shape, no matter what type of skin you have; these tips will improve your health in all aspects of life. In the second series of this blog we will go over natural remedies for common skin conditions.

Boot Camp for Your Skin

If you are ready to make some huge changes in your life, your skin will be glowing on top of overall health improvements. Some of the changes we will suggest in this portion may be easy, but others may prove to be a life changing challenge. If you are ready to commit though, you have done half of the work already. We know that you can take control of your life to get the skin that you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t take a bunch of expensive chemicals that make false promises to do it either.

1) Work it out! How exercise can benefit your skin.

You’ve heard it before; we’re going to say it again. Regular exercise will improve all aspects of your life, including your skin’s health. When you exercise your blood flow increases, to everywhere. The extra blood flow to your skin leaves your skin looking more healthy and refreshed than ever. In the long-term regular exercise will speed up skin regeneration, and it almost works like a natural exfoliant. This means that cells will shed faster, leaving behind fresh new skin. We don’t want to undo all of your hard work, so don’t forget to hop in the shower after any workout to wash away extra oil and moisture that is worked up by sweating.

If you are feeling super adventurous, you can try out some facial yoga. Facial yoga exercises are designed to help slow the aging process by stretching and flexing different muscles on your face. There are many books and website dedicated to the subject. Our favorite move is blowing air in your cheeks and holding it for several seconds. The great part about facial yoga is that you can do it anytime, anyplace anywhere. You may get a few strange looks if you are doing your facial yoga on the subway though.

2) Improve Your Diet: Omega 3 and Green Tea

We will not go extensively onto how to improve your diet, because there are many experts out there who will help modify your diet to a more healthy state. Everyone has different nutritional needs, so we do not like to generalize when giving advice. There are two things we could like to promote incorporating into anyone’s diet though: omega 3 and green tea.

Everyone is always going on about how important water is in your diet, but the truth is that many people are starting to back away from those claims. The kidney association is saying no way to 8 water classes of day, because it can actually be detrimental to our health if we keep over-hydrated. The reason for less water is that we drink water in many of our foods, and that isn’t put into the 8 glass of water a day equation. Think about how much liquid is a tomato or in a bowl of soup, those should count as ingesting water as well.

Beyond general health, hydration of our skin has less to do with how much water we drink, and more to do with how much oil our skin retains. To help improve skin’s oil balance taking omega-3 via fish from, flax-seed or supplement helps maintain a healthy balance. Omega-3 also has many inflammatory benefits for people with acne, rosacea.

Besides taking omega-3 we can boost skin health by drinking green tea. Instead of drinking those extra glasses water, a cup of unsweetened green tea will have many more health benefits to your skins. The anti-oxidants in the green tea help improve your skin by decreasing free-radical damage.

3) Simplify and Create Your Own Skin Treatment Routine

So many companies promise miraculous results with their one-of-a-kind formula. They all claim to have the fountain of youth or the one-stop fixer for your skincare problems. The fact is that most of these chemicals can either be detrimental or ineffective while having a hefty price tag. We don’t think you would be reading this blog if you found a miraculous fix.

Even worse than ineffectiveness, many of the skincare products are detrimental to our health. One scary statistics is that only 10 cosmetic chemicals have been banned in the U.S. while 1,100+ chemicals have been banned in the UK. With such a large difference in two comparable cultures, it makes you wonder exactly what standards are cosmetic companies setting to allow things to be applied to your skin.

We will go over natural, homemade skin remedies in our next blog that skip the chemicals. Before you incorporate those into your regular rotation, we want you to really focus on what skincare routine you have already. We want you to take the free following steps to simplify and purify your skin routine.

Simplify and Destroy!

All you need in a good skincare routine is a cleanser, toner, moisturize and sunscreen. All the anti-aging products up there are just hype, expensive and sometimes dangerous hype. While all of us want to cling onto the last scrap of our youth, and somehow finally win the battle against the wrinkles, there is something to be said for aging gracefully mentally. Anything besides the four products listed above, should be tossed in the waste bin.

If you can’t manage to part with your anti-aging creams, try to minimize your use. The fact is we are just trying to lower the amount of chemicals you are exposed to each time you go to treat your skin.

Create a New Regiment

If you are ready to put some work and dollars into it, it is time to start remaking your skin treatment routine. You can do this one way, home remedies or organic and natural skin products. Next week we detail an organic skin routine for all skin types, and skin treatment for those with skin conditions. It will take fruits, vegetables and all sorts of fun ingredients. Beyond the resources we offer here, you can always Google facial home treatments or invest in a book. We warn you to be mindful about what you put on your face, because home remedies can be damaging to your skin as well.

If you are a little weary of rubbing cucumbers, limes and avocados on your face, and would just prefer to keep buying stuff from the store, we completely understand. Searching for organic and natural products is a lot trickier than it may seem at face value. Just because a product says it is “natural” doesn’t mean it doesn’t have chemicals in it. This means any product you purchase you will need to read the label. If there is an ingredient you do not recognize, do not get the product. We highly recommend Origins as a product to begin your search for effective and natural skincare treatment.

These skincare boot-camp tips come courtesy of Holly, who is a writer for London’s Mee Beauty Salon – specialsits in skin treatments including Environ and Dermalogica.

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