Learn More About Vampire Facials from Celebrity Dr. Paul Nassif

Vampire Facial Paul Nassif“Micro-needling with PRP” is another way to describe a Vampire Facial. “Platlet Rich Plasma” (PRP) is part of our blood and contains growth factors. These growth factors stimulate cellular regeneration and new growth of tissue. Platlet rich plasma also helps to promotes sun damage repair and assists with healing.

The first step when performing micro-needling with platlet rich plasma is to draw the patient’s blood and spin it in a centrifuge.  Then, the blood is put into a tube with a reagent which helps separate the plasma from the red blood cells. We extract the plasma, and apply it to the dermal layer of the skin during and after the micro-needling procedure.

To perform the micro-needling, we use the Micro-pen, or Dermapen, which is a cutting-edge technological device. In contrast to the previous roller, which re-uses the same needles for several treatments (but is not sterile and can potentially tear the skin), these all-new devices use needle cartridges that are disposable, sterile, and less damaging to the skin. The Dermapen uses 11 or 12 small needles that puncture the skin, which leads to microchannels or “microinjuries” throughout the surface layer of the skin. As the skin enters repair mode, new collagen is created around the injuries. As a result, a healing cascade takes place, and new fibroblasts are formed during this process.

Micro-needling can generally be used to:

  • Increase absorption of growth factors or PRP into skin
  • Spark collagen production, which leads to rejuvenation
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, decrease the size of the pores, and influence skin tightening
  • Improve the appearance of surgical, traumatic, burn and acne scars
  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks and hyper-pigmentation (brown spots and melasma)

Visible improvement is expected within 2-4 weeks after treatment. Luminosity in the skin that was not previously evident may also be noticed post-treatment. Acne scars, deeper wrinkles, and fine lines usually require more than one treatment. We like to treat the patient again 4 weeks after the initial procedure. Multiple treatments lead to a cumulative effect, which will generate an excellent result.

Is Permanent Age Reversal Possible?

Physicians, skincare professionals and skincare formulators have been on a mission to reverse aging for quite some time.  Most people believe that such a task is impossible and therefore our time is better spent on slowing aging. However, there is little evidence that we are even slowing the aging process using the strategies of the last thirty years.  Remember the saying “you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?” We have maintained the same inflammation-induced change (temporary swelling and tightening) strategy for too long.  It is time to look at the skin from a new perspective with new approaches that include human stem cell technology, real DNA repair, permanent additions to the collagen in your skin and repair of imperfections at every level.

Age Damage Reversal Tips

Chemical peels, heat-producing devices and daily acid applications have been tried for decades and yet we have still failed to outfox Father Time.  Adding inflammation to skin that was already losing ground everyday has produced dubious results but there are even bigger risks.  Most wounds do not fully recover their losses, in fact, dermal damage often only recovers 80-90% after each insult.  While we can all appreciate the plumping effects of applying inflammatory ingredients, we can see that it has not made our skin healthier by any means.  Your skin should instead be made healthier (exfoliation and burning make it less healthy) with a focus on strengthening immunity and repair for best results.

Father Time seems like the inevitable culprit in the aging process but we know that ultraviolet light is the primary cause of aging.   Many of the most common skin defects come from the sun including; age spots, broken capillaries, wrinkles, actinic keratosis, and more.  We know that people with high melanin content in their skin (Fitzpatrick 4-6) develop wrinkles and these other skin issues much later in life because melanin is so effective at absorbing UV light.  No matter what rejuvenation strategy you choose, it is reasonable to assume that it should not involve making the skin more susceptible to sun damage. The following 5 strategies highlight what is most important going forward:

Proper Sun Protection

Zinc oxide remains the gold standard for sun protection because of its broad-spectrum coverage and the minimal inflammatory effect it has on the skin once exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Every other ingredient creates too much inflammation after UV exposure. Artificial sunscreens are known to cause significant inflammation when exposed to sunlight and their use has risen concurrently with the rapid increase in skin cancer. This strongly suggests that more needs to be known before we continue using these inflammatory sunscreens. A scientific breakthrough has recently occurred in sun protection with a new oral (ingested) sun protection called UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water.  It provides chemical-free, waterproof SPF 30-like protection without a topical application.

Target the Source

The source of aging is in your dermis (the layer below your epidermis).  Most skincare gets less than 5% of their ingredients into the deep epidermis/dermis because they do not have a delivery system.  Liposomes increase penetration by 600% while healing the skin so look for this technology.  Targeting the source also means looking inside for skin problems.  Melasma, psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea and many other skin conditions result from internal sources.  Look for companies that have figured out how to treat the internal problems like Osmosis because it is the only way to really heal the skin condition permanently.

Barrier Restoration

Stop daily exfoliation. Your skin has been exposed to twice as many free radicals everyday because we continue to believe that it is necessary to remove the protective epidermis. Your skin slows down because it does not have the nutrition to keep a 30-day cycle going.  It is a much healthier strategy to feed the skin and restore turnover rather than adding permanent DNA damage to our skin cells. Exfoliation also exhausts antioxidant and nutrition supplies in the skin.

Nutrition Boost

One common theme in aging is that every year of your adult life, the circulation in the skin declines by about 1%.  Since this is the primary source of skin nutrition you can imagine why the skin would slow down and heal less effectively, especially by age 40 (roughly 15% less nutrient availability).  Therefore your skincare should address that problem.  My favorite ingredient for that is the patent-pending liposomal niacinamide because it targets the dermis and gently dilates blood vessels.  Specific human-derived growth factors also increase new blood vessel formation.

DNA Repair

Zinc Finger technology and AC-11 are the latest advances in DNA repair and the first to ever show actual, visible results n the skin like skin tag and mole removal, scar and hyperpigmentation repair, fixing broken capillaries, improvement in elasticity and wrinkles, and much more.  It is the first opportunity to correct your DNA damage that has been accumulating for years and is one of the key reasons that age reversal has not been possible. This technology provides a huge leg up in our battle to overcome aging skin.

Immune System Augmentation

Your skin is working in tandem with the rest of your body.  Increasing collagen/elastin production and repairing old wounds cannot happen unless your skin is working at its highest and best.  Exfoliation, AHA’a, BPO, and many other ingredients like Retin A all weaken the skin and make real age reversal impossible.  Increasing the repair tools that the skin needs to rise up is not an easy task but it can be done.  Our growth factors become depleted over time and so the replenishment of those using adult stem cell technology is ideal.  We need to use ingredients like 1,3 beta glucan, asiaticoside and Zinc Fingers to boost immune activity. Equally as important is to stop using (most) retinols, AHA’s and (most) oxygen products every day because they suppress the immune system and add inflammation to the skin.  Everything that adds inflammation will suppress the skin’s ability to repair itself and which means faster aging and no possibility of permanent age reversal.

Permanent age reversal is an achievable goal. The combination of these strategies works to restore your skin’s health to the days of its youth. Once your skin is operating at its full potential, it will begin to repair old damage.  It is exciting to watch the imperfections of your skin dissolve away with each passing month.  Even wrinkles are, for the first time, permanently improved by this process. Remember that acids and lasers and chemical peels are all temporary fixes that last weeks to months and then revert back to the damaged state that existed prior to the treatment.  That does not happen with the combination of strategies discussed above.  To truly outfox Father Time, we need to trust the skin, feed it more nutrients, repair damaged DNA, replace declining growth factors, focus on the dermis (where most damage actually occurs) and stop adding inflammation.

Ultrasound Technology Offers a Fresh Take on Facelifts

For years, facelifts have been the gold standard for obtaining a younger, tighter face. However the bruising, swelling and downtime that is typical during the recovery of invasive facelift procedures is no longer required.

Ultrasound Technology Offers a Fresh Take on Facelifts

Through Ulthera, a non-invasive ultrasound procedure, the brow, neck and jowls are visibly lifted, tightened and toned for a more youthful appearance. This non-surgical treatment uses ultrasound in a way that utilizes the body’s own natural healing process to lift and tighten loose skin. Through the procedure, collagen will increase and the skin’s elasticity will improve, meaning that your skin will look visibly younger and healthier, not to mention tighter, at a third of the cost of a traditional facelift. The time-tested energy of ultrasound technology stimulates the deep structural support layers of the skin—including those typically addressed in a surgical facelift—without disturbing the surface of the skin.

An FDA cleared procedure (the only one of its kind), Ultherapy is a great alternative for patients who seek results, but are worried about the surgery and fiscal aspects that come with a facelift. Not only does the procedure provide results for almost everyone, the visible tightening continues for months.

The procedure can be performed during a simple office procedure lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. Patients may notice a short-term “boost” but the natural process of creating new, more elastic, collagen builds over time—much like the effect that exercise has on building muscle. Over a course of 2-3 months, patients will see results unfold as their skin continues to improve. Some patients have reported continued improvement for up to 6 months, including lifting of the skin on the neck, under the chin and on the brow. While ultrasound does not duplicate the results of surgery, Ultherapy has proven to be an inviting alternative for those who are not yet ready for surgery.

How-to Fix Facial Fillers Gone Wrong

In today’s high-definition society, facial injectables are a widely accepted method of erasing wrinkles. In the past few years, injectables including Botox® or fillers like Juvederm® and Restylane® have worked their magic to help make people look refreshed and younger without going under the knife.

How-to Fix Facial Fillers Gone Wrong

Common Concerns

Unfortunately, as with any medical procedure there are risks. Certain cases of over-filling or overenthusiastic work can lead to “pillow face,” an excessive volumization of the cheeks. The most important thing to remember is to do research before having injections.

In addition to over-filling, there is also a renewed concern about blindness or other visual compromise following injections around the eyes. This is because some of the arteries in the eyebrow area and at the side of the nose (near the corner of the eye) are linked to the vessels around the eyeball and the retinal artery. Forceful, intravascular injections in these areas could send emboli of the material into these arteries and compromise circulation to the eye or retina. This is, thank goodness, very rare, but is a strong example of why patients must use discretion before booking any surgical or cosmetic procedure.

Correcting Irregularities

The most widely used fillers are Hyaluronic Acid based compounds including, Juvederm and Restylane. The best way to correct a Hyaluronic Acid based filler is to break down the filler with a common enzyme called Hyaluronidase. Bumps, lumps or an area that looks too full can be easily amended using Hyaluronidase, which dissolves all of the filler in the affected area to combat the negative effects.

Non-Hyaluronic Acid fillers include Radiesse, Artefill, Evolence and Sculptra. These are typically used for deeper treatments under thicker areas of skin including the nasolabial (laugh lines) or scar tissue. Because of their base, they cannot be dissolved with Hyaluronidase treatments. Instead, lumps and bumps as a result of Non-Hyaluronic Acid fillers are typically treated with warm compresses and massage as most irregularities will resolve with time. In cases where the irregularities are not going away naturally, injectable steroid treatments or even surgical excision may be necessary.

However, almost all of the mistakes made from injectables can be avoided if patients go to well respected, talented and precise doctors. Always make sure the doctor delivering the injectables is a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Further, patients should never go to a salon or med spa that is not immediately supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist on-site. Without the proper training and education, the specialist may not fully understand the differences between the types of injectables and their specific uses.

Procedures involving facial fillers should be completed with both medical discretion and an artistic hand. When filling the face, surgeons should balance the entire face so it appears both natural and youthful.

Special Skin Care Delivery From the Lab

When you purchase a new skin care or beauty product, you’re paying for more than just the latest formula.  Your dollars help subsidize the cost of marketing, packaging, and product placement, and oftentimes, the ground-breaking formula you’re buying is already 2-3 years old.  How can you be certain that you’re paying for quality, efficacy, and the newest beauty breakthroughs?

From the Lab is a start-up that’s shaking up the beauty industry by bringing you the next generation of skin care and beauty innovations before they become available on the U.S. market.  We take our customers from trendy to trendsetter with subscription plans that deliver the future of beauty right to your doorstep every month.

Special Skin Care Delivery From the Lab

Our company’s “eureka” moment came 10 years ago when my partner, Steve Dworman, purchased a formula containing the patented Copper Peptide Complex from an independent cosmetics lab.  Six months after he successfully launched a new skin care line around this unique active ingredient, Neutrogena purchased the same technology from the same laboratory and released Active Copper, their newest skin care product at the time.  In that moment, Steve realized that major retail cosmetic brands don’t always produce their own formulas in-house.  Instead, they purchase the patents, ingredients, and technology from the top independent cosmetic laboratories in the world.

Special Skin Care Delivery From the Lab

We knew that if we could do the same thing, without the retail mark-up, elaborate packaging and major consumer launch costs, we could get high quality products to women much faster and for much less.  Utilizing our incredible team of advisors, including Dr. Howard Maibach, Chairman of Dermatology at UCSF and Dr. Karl Lintner, Editor of the International Journal of Cosmetics, From the Lab developed partnerships with the same Italian, Swiss, French, and U.S. cosmetic labs used by prestigious brand-name beauty companies – only we procured first access to their most ground-breaking products.  Then we eliminated the extensive and unnecessary marketing and distribution process, allowing us to deliver these high-end, quality products to our subscribers up to 18 months before they are made available on the U.S. market and at up to 80% off their retail price.

Special Skin Care Delivery From the Lab

Upon completion of the selection process, From the Lab immediately places limited orders from the labs, which means we can deliver next generation beauty products to our members within only six months of first seeing them. That’s an average of more than a year and a half before these beauty innovations arrive on the retail market under major brand names.  And the best part?  We keep some product in stock so subscribers can continue to reorder their favorite items from our exclusive members-only store.

Special Skin Care Delivery From the Lab


From the Lab strives to provide our members with the most exciting products and the most effective concentrations of ingredients, and our selection process is rigorous.  Several times a year, we see the same products as major retailers, allowing us to select the very best of tomorrow’s beauty innovations.  After vetting our selections through our team of experts, we give them to focus groups comprised of diverse sets of women who use the products for 30 days and report back on which products they simply can’t live without, ensuring that we handpick the best of the best for our subscribers.

From the Lab only uses clean ingredients that are cruelty-free and animal-free.  Our products are manufactured according to strict European standards, and all of our formulas undergo stringent clinical testing.  From the Lab turns the promise of high-end, quality beauty into a reality for our members.

Special Skin Care Delivery From the Lab

Face Mask Reviews

fact based skincare

Face MaskProduct NameRating CostNotes
Face MaskProduct NameRating CostNotes
Revision SKincare Black Mask 1.7 oz.Over $100Excellent mask, love it. It makes the skin feel amazingly refreshed
Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System 1 Kit Over $20Hands down this is the best Olay product I have ever seen. I have used if for several years and still love it. For the price you can't get a better product.
Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini-Peel 6.0 Fl Oz [rating=5Under $20Olay Daily Thermal Mini-Peel a hybrid between a mask and cleanser is a great product. It truly heats up for about a 1/2 a minutes giving a relaxing spa like sensation. It exfoliates nicely a good alternative to the days you don't want to use a Clarisonic Brush. It can be used daily without irritating the skin

Advanced Laser and Light Technology

With so many skincare products and topical treatments available to treat skin disorders, it can feel like there isn’t a solution that’s working. Now, more than ever, advanced technology is playing a huge role in how we protect our skin with light therapies, lasers and injected solutions.

At Advanced Skincare Surgery and MedCenter with locations in Burbank and Fullerton, CA, finding solutions is all a part of what they do. The team at Advanced utilizes innovative laser technology along with the highest quality topical treatments to improve the overall look of their patients skin.
Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) is one of the treatments used at the MedCenter to effectively target acne-causing bacteria. This painless, easy and safe treatment can be used in combination with lasers and light technology to clear most moderate inflammatory acne. In as little as eight sessions, this non-invasive alternative can provide a lifetime of confidence.
Overtime, sun exposure can lead to harmful effects that leave skin looking damaged. Although sunscreen can help prevent sun damage and keep skin looking healthy and fresh, some effects can be irreversible. Advanced Skincare Surgery and MedCenter offer cosmetic and laser treatments that address skin needs to enhance overall complexion. The Erbium laser is designed to eliminate sun damage spots, lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, neck and chest.
More serious skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and chronic itching can also be treated through laser therapy. The Excimer laser safely and effectively treats these skin diseases by precisely targeting high doses of ultraviolet light directly on the inflamed area of the skin.
This innovative laser is also effective in repairing scarring on the face and body. White scars can be significantly reduced and fine layers of surface material can be removed through Excimer laser therapy. Treatment time is as little as five minutes with six to 10 treatment sessions for mild to moderate conditions.
Not all laser treatments focus on skin diseases, but instead concentrate on the skin conditions that were caused due to poor decision making such as the RevLite laser for tattoo removal. This laser is used to gently erase and diminish the appearance of tattoos with low risk of scarring. Like other lasers, the RevLite uses an intense beam of light to progressively fade ink with multiple treatment sessions based on the size and color of the tattoo. Removing professional, amateur or traumatic unwanted tattoos has never been more accessible.
Advanced Skincare Surgery and MedCenter offers a wide range of laser therapy treatments for skin diseases and disorders. The MedCenter is recognized as one of the most comprehensive skin care treatment centers offering clinical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery and histopathology laboratory services.


To learn more about treatments and procedures, visit  www.ascmedcenter.com
acne scars advice

Get Your Skin in Shape! Natural Remedies for All Skin Types and Conditions

skin care beauty masksWhen we think of getting in shape, frequently we exclude the health of our skin. Our skin is actually our largest organ, and makes up around 20% of our body mass! You can see managing the health and appearance of our skin generally keeps us pretty preoccupied for good reason!

For the first part of this blog entry we will talk about how to get your skin in shape, no matter what type of skin you have; these tips will improve your health in all aspects of life. In the second series of this blog we will go over natural remedies for common skin conditions.

Boot Camp for Your Skin

If you are ready to make some huge changes in your life, your skin will be glowing on top of overall health improvements. Some of the changes we will suggest in this portion may be easy, but others may prove to be a life changing challenge. If you are ready to commit though, you have done half of the work already. We know that you can take control of your life to get the skin that you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t take a bunch of expensive chemicals that make false promises to do it either.

1) Work it out! How exercise can benefit your skin.

You’ve heard it before; we’re going to say it again. Regular exercise will improve all aspects of your life, including your skin’s health. When you exercise your blood flow increases, to everywhere. The extra blood flow to your skin leaves your skin looking more healthy and refreshed than ever. In the long-term regular exercise will speed up skin regeneration, and it almost works like a natural exfoliant. This means that cells will shed faster, leaving behind fresh new skin. We don’t want to undo all of your hard work, so don’t forget to hop in the shower after any workout to wash away extra oil and moisture that is worked up by sweating.

If you are feeling super adventurous, you can try out some facial yoga. Facial yoga exercises are designed to help slow the aging process by stretching and flexing different muscles on your face. There are many books and website dedicated to the subject. Our favorite move is blowing air in your cheeks and holding it for several seconds. The great part about facial yoga is that you can do it anytime, anyplace anywhere. You may get a few strange looks if you are doing your facial yoga on the subway though.

2) Improve Your Diet: Omega 3 and Green Tea

We will not go extensively onto how to improve your diet, because there are many experts out there who will help modify your diet to a more healthy state. Everyone has different nutritional needs, so we do not like to generalize when giving advice. There are two things we could like to promote incorporating into anyone’s diet though: omega 3 and green tea.

Everyone is always going on about how important water is in your diet, but the truth is that many people are starting to back away from those claims. The kidney association is saying no way to 8 water classes of day, because it can actually be detrimental to our health if we keep over-hydrated. The reason for less water is that we drink water in many of our foods, and that isn’t put into the 8 glass of water a day equation. Think about how much liquid is a tomato or in a bowl of soup, those should count as ingesting water as well.

Beyond general health, hydration of our skin has less to do with how much water we drink, and more to do with how much oil our skin retains. To help improve skin’s oil balance taking omega-3 via fish from, flax-seed or supplement helps maintain a healthy balance. Omega-3 also has many inflammatory benefits for people with acne, rosacea.

Besides taking omega-3 we can boost skin health by drinking green tea. Instead of drinking those extra glasses water, a cup of unsweetened green tea will have many more health benefits to your skins. The anti-oxidants in the green tea help improve your skin by decreasing free-radical damage.

3) Simplify and Create Your Own Skin Treatment Routine

So many companies promise miraculous results with their one-of-a-kind formula. They all claim to have the fountain of youth or the one-stop fixer for your skincare problems. The fact is that most of these chemicals can either be detrimental or ineffective while having a hefty price tag. We don’t think you would be reading this blog if you found a miraculous fix.

Even worse than ineffectiveness, many of the skincare products are detrimental to our health. One scary statistics is that only 10 cosmetic chemicals have been banned in the U.S. while 1,100+ chemicals have been banned in the UK. With such a large difference in two comparable cultures, it makes you wonder exactly what standards are cosmetic companies setting to allow things to be applied to your skin.

We will go over natural, homemade skin remedies in our next blog that skip the chemicals. Before you incorporate those into your regular rotation, we want you to really focus on what skincare routine you have already. We want you to take the free following steps to simplify and purify your skin routine.

Simplify and Destroy!

All you need in a good skincare routine is a cleanser, toner, moisturize and sunscreen. All the anti-aging products up there are just hype, expensive and sometimes dangerous hype. While all of us want to cling onto the last scrap of our youth, and somehow finally win the battle against the wrinkles, there is something to be said for aging gracefully mentally. Anything besides the four products listed above, should be tossed in the waste bin.

If you can’t manage to part with your anti-aging creams, try to minimize your use. The fact is we are just trying to lower the amount of chemicals you are exposed to each time you go to treat your skin.

Create a New Regiment

If you are ready to put some work and dollars into it, it is time to start remaking your skin treatment routine. You can do this one way, home remedies or organic and natural skin products. Next week we detail an organic skin routine for all skin types, and skin treatment for those with skin conditions. It will take fruits, vegetables and all sorts of fun ingredients. Beyond the resources we offer here, you can always Google facial home treatments or invest in a book. We warn you to be mindful about what you put on your face, because home remedies can be damaging to your skin as well.

If you are a little weary of rubbing cucumbers, limes and avocados on your face, and would just prefer to keep buying stuff from the store, we completely understand. Searching for organic and natural products is a lot trickier than it may seem at face value. Just because a product says it is “natural” doesn’t mean it doesn’t have chemicals in it. This means any product you purchase you will need to read the label. If there is an ingredient you do not recognize, do not get the product. We highly recommend Origins as a product to begin your search for effective and natural skincare treatment.

These skincare boot-camp tips come courtesy of Holly, who is a writer for London’s Mee Beauty Salon – specialsits in skin treatments including Environ and Dermalogica.

Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Techniques

skin care beauty masksSkin Care Goes Deeper Than The Products

There are plenty of skin care products available that claim to reduce wrinkles and create soft skin. What most people fail to realize is that skin care requires more than just the application of cosmetic products. True skin care requires life changes, such as diet and protection from the sun. Everybody’s skin is different. It is not uncommon for many people to have negative reactions to certain skin care products. Some of the chemicals used in skin care products can cause skin to dry out and crack. This is the opposite effect that most people are looking for.

How To Clean Skin Properly

Any dermatologist will tell you that moderation is key when it comes to skin care. Bathing will remove oils from the skin that can have beneficial impacts. Bathing for too long and with hot water will cause dryness by removing these oils. Try to limit your bathing time and use warm water instead of hot water. This will ensure that the skin remains clean and moisturized at the same time. Strong soaps can also remove these necessary oils, so be sure to use some kind of moisturizer after bathing. Also refrain from scrubbing the skin with towels. If you need to dry off, than it is best to pat the skin gently. A rough drying processes will irritate and redden the surface of the skin.

The Sun’s Effect On Skin Care

A good tan is always desirable, but there is certainly a healthy amount of sun to skin contact that should not be exceeded. Too much sun exposure can result in dry or leathery skin. Wrinkles form after years of intense contact with direct sunlight. Granted, there are vitamins that must be obtained by sunlight that can have beneficial results, but over exposure is never good. Fifteen minutes of sunlight a day is actually enough to obtain the necessary vitamins that are derived from sunlight. Otherwise, try to use small amounts of sunscreen to reduce the effect of the UV rays. Noon time is when the sun is most dangerous. Try not to avoid sunlight, but be aware that it can have negative effects over time.

Eat Well And Look Healthy

A healthy diet will show on the outside as well as on the inside. There are many fruits and vegetables that strengthen the skin cells. Fruits with Vitamin C improve the health of skin, as well as whole grains and protein. It is always wise to maintain a healthy diet. Avoid fatty foods and foods with many carbohydrates. Dark green vegetables should be the majority of your daily diet. This will help to maintain skin health and keep you looking younger

Peter Wendt is a freelance writer from Austin, Texas.  His brother in law runs a Sarasota dermatology clinic and frequently consults with Peter for articles on skin care and beauty.